FuelPlus Labratory Test

FuelPlus has been tested by the following independent labratories and the results has shown that FuelPlus is non-hazardous, increases performance, reduces exhaust emission and reduces fuel consumption among other things.

Exhaust emission test was conducted by SIRIM Berhad, a corporate organization owned wholly by the Malaysian Government, under the Minister of Finance Incorporated. Showing a reduction of CO of up to 27.2% and HC of up to 15.1%.

FuelPlus reduces exhaust emmission!

The Bomb Calorimeter testing was done by a Malaysian University, University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Automotive Development Centre to test the effect of the FuelPlus when added to fuel.

Based on the result, FuelPlus does increase engine performance!

The certificate of analysis by Consolidated Labratory in Malaysia showing that FuelPlus does not contain any harmful chemical or hazardous material!

As tested by PETRONAS RESEARCH, FuelPlus has been shown that when added to fuel will not cause any adverse side effect, this is confirmed by the above “ no-harm” test report as per ASTM D665/A, ASTM D381, ASTM D 1094, ASTM D 2699, ASTM D2700 and ASTM D 86.

The following testing was done by Waikato Polytech, New Zealand in order to quantify the performance gain and fuel savings that can be achieved when using FuelPlus.

Test conducted are as follows:

  • Carbon Monoxide Emission Test
  • Carbon Dioxide Emission Test
  • O2 Test
  • Hydrocarbon Test
  • Fuel Consumption Power Output Test
  • Consumption Test
  • Power Curve Test
  • Torque Curve Test
  • Lambda Sensor Test
  • Crude Volume Over Timer Test
  • Time To Consume 100ML Test

On all test conducted, FuelPlus showed increase performance that meet or exceeded expectation!

The following exhaust emission test was conducted by Pusat Pemeriksaan Kenderaan Berkomputer (PUSPAKOM), this is a Malaysian computerized vehicle inspection company owned by DRB-HICOM. It was established in 1994. Puspakom is the main inspection center for commercial vehicles throughout Malaysia.

The result shows that by using FuelPlus exhaust emission will be reduce greatly!