FuelPlus How To Use It

For first time usage, user must insert the FuelPlus tablet(s) according to ratio of the fuel tank capacity as it should treat the fuel in the tank as well as the fuel in the pipeline.

If the ratio is overdosed but not more than 50%, it will not harm your machinery engines but the tablet ratio must not be under dosed because then it would not be effective to your engines.

For refueling, user must insert the tablet by a multiple of 10 liters. For refills of 10 liters fuel, user must insert 1 tablet of 1 gram before pumping fuel into the tank. For refills of between 15 and 20 liters, user must insert 2 tablets 1 gram and the ratio must be followed to get the optimum result.

FuelPlus Application Directions

FuelPlus Storage Tips