Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked question about FuelPlus. We update this section frequently, so come back often or signup to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Last update: 14-March, 2017.

FuelPlus comes in the form of tablets and easy to use. Just insert it into the fuel tank before you pump in the fuel. It gives multiple benefits and improve overall performance for both new engine and old engines.

You can feel the engine power increase almost immediately. For full benefits, including fuel saving, it may take the course of two or three tanks of refueling to condition the engine, depending on the age and condition of the vehicle.

Absolutely not. Laboratory tests have shown that fuel treated with FuelPlus is non-corrosive to all metal, rubber and plastic components in an engine. It will actually protect and prolong the life of the engine because it automatically cleans the engine combustion chamber each time you use it.

To have better results, we advise user to firstly clean or replace the fuel filter before using FuelPlus, as rust and dirt may have deposited. Thereafter you should not be experiencing problems like poor starting, engine hesitation, and slow acceleration anymore.

Definitely there will be NO adverse effects. In fact by significantly reducing pollutants inside the combustion chamber, FuelPlus improves and enhances its performance.

It is okay to overdose, provided not more than one time, you will enjoy all the benefits of FuelPlus. It will not harm your engine. However if you under dose, it may not give you all of its benefits.

There is no harm to your car. However, your car will soon revert to its original performance level. You will miss the numerous benefits that come with using FuelPlus. Why would you stop using if you can enjoy all the benefits and saves money while using it.

Lubricating oil in the engine sump becomes black and dirty over time and needs to be changed regularly to ensure longer engine life. This oil is contaminated with unburned fuel, heavy carbon residue from incomplete combustion, and broken combustion chamber deposits.

FuelPlus reduces the number of slow burn and misfire cycles; as well as promotes more complete combustion, while cleaning combustion chamber deposits. In the way, engine lubricating oil remains cleaner, resulting in extended engine life and reduce maintenance cost.

FuelPlus only treats the fuel use in any engines be it automotive or industrial. Users need to know the exact size of the fuel tank capacity to ensure the right quantity is being applied/used.

a) 1 gram tablet treats a maximum of 10 liters of fuel
b) 5 grams tablet treats a maximum of 50 liters of fuel

Any amount in excess of 10 liters you will have to add another 1 gram tablet to it.